What makes the XLR8 shaft better than other Carbon Fiber pool cue shafts on the market!,,

In the past 6 weeks since I decided and started to sell the XLR8 pool cue shaft, I have had to answer one question repeatedly! “What makes my shaft better than all the rest?”. The honest answer has to be nothing but the price. Yes, I actually build to order each shaft to the customers liking! Yes, my shaft doesn’t sound like your shooting with a hunk of high tech plastic! But the short and skinny of it is, carbon fiber is carbon fiber. My shaft is not as pretty as the major players. I have no engraved logo (yet). What I do provide is the choice of length, tip diameter, ferrule and joint collar length, joint options like schuler which are special order and have to be custom machined, and the list goes on! Think of the XLR8 shaft as the tie dye shirt of CF shafts. No 2 are exactly alike. And the best part of all, the price is hard to beat. I promise to do my best to make every shaft perfect, but if a mistake happens or an issue arises, I will make it right!!! I am not in this for the money, to me it is completely a labor of love! I have been playing pool for 25 years. In my 17 years as a Paramedic outside of Philadelphia, I experienced many traumatic events that would make most people curl up and cry. Pool was my therapy. I would play the game and forget about all the bad things I ever experienced. So when I retired early due to mental trauma of the job, I decided then and there that I would immerse myself into the game I loved and find work within the industry. I have been doing basic cue repairs for many years, so I figured that starting a cue repair business was the way to go. Fast forward a few years, I founded DFE Billiards and the XLR8 shaft followed shortly afterwards. I want to thank all my current customers. Without you folks, I’d just be doing tip and ferrule work. I take pride in my shaft, almost everyone who has shot with one marvels at the hit and feel of the shaft! To me it’s like a race car, doesn’t matter what it looks like; what matters is how it performs!! All the chrome in the world can’t make it perform better. Well, it’s time to jump off my soap box for one evening. This is my first of many blog posts, stay tuned for what’s coming next at DFE Billiards!