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Welcome to DFE Billiards


Welcome;  as some of you will already know, my name is Matthew Bargerstock. I am the owner, repair man, shaft builder, all around only member of DFE Billiards. I am retired from my Paramedic career after 17 years and I have been playing pool since I was 15. Many people in the billiards industry will recognize me as the First Aid Paramedic at the Super Billiards Expo from 2004 until it was moved to oaks a few years back. You would have found me, the security director, and Mike Massey playing ring games on Mike’s Demo Table. Some will ask, what’s your point Matt? My point is I love pocket billiards. There was a time in my life where all I ever did was work in the back of an emergency ambulance and find a place to shoot after work!! I started DFE Billiards because I had no other options for repairs than to wait for the next tournament when I would see Joe Blackburn and get new tips/ferrules/wraps installed. Well I upgraded to a midamericapool.com pro lathe and started doing tip and joint repair work. Fast forward a little ways, I found myself wanting to try a carbon fiber shaft. I don’t have unlimited income so buying a big name CF shaft wasn’t in my budget. So I did what any self respecting cue mechanic will do, I ordered an shaft blank from eBay and built myself one. My friend had such positive comments on it, and they encouraged me to pursue making the XLR8 Shaft!!! The rest as they say is history still being written!!! Thanks for taking the time to read this little about me page. Hope everyone is staying safe, and I look forward to hearing from many of you!!!