Price List

Tip & Ferrule Prices

All pricing are installed prices

Blue Diamond, Elk Master, LePro, Triangle,Triumph,
WB Water buffalo,-----------------------------$15.00


Wizard Med & Hard)-------------------------- $25.00

Black Diamond Hard)--------------------------$25.00

Super Pro Water Buffalo)---------------------$25.00

Hercules Med & Hard)-------------------------$25.00

Talisman Pro Soft, Med, Hard & X-hard)--$25.00

Talisman Water buffalo Med & Hard)-------$25.00

Tiger Emerald)-----------------------------------$25.00

Tiger Soft, Med, Hard)-------------------------$25.00

Tiger Dynamite)----------------------------------$25.00

Kamikaze Black SS, S, M, H-----------------$25.00

Kamikaze Brown SS, S, M, H---------------$25.00

Ultra-skin VS, S, PRO, M, H & HH,--------$25.00

Ultra-Skin Ivory S, M, H-----------------------$25.00

SIB Tips S, M, PRO, H.------------------------$25.00

Everest Med---------------------------------------$30.00

Sniper ----------------------------------------------$35.00

Tiger Onyx-----------------------------------------$45.00

Moori Soft, Med, & Hard-----------------------$40.00

Black Heart Soft, Med & Hard----------------$40.00

Black King Soft, Med & Hard-----------------$40.00

Kamui Tan SS, S, M, H-------------------------$40.00

Kamui Black SS, S, M, & H--------------------$45.00

Kamui Black Clear SS, S, M, H---------------$50.00

Predator Victory Tips S, M,-------------------$45.00

Precision Tips S, M, H---------------------------$45.00

G-2 Tips S, M, H----------------------------------$45.00

Zan Tips S, Hybrid Max, H, Grip hard--------$50.00

Navigator Tips , Alpha SS, S, M, H.-------- $50.00

Navigator Black, SS, S, M, H,--------------- $50.00

Navigator Blue Impact, SS, S, M, H. --------$50.00

Navigator Break Impact Break-jump Tip.--- $50.00

Longasy tips
Soft, medium soft, medium, Break---------$50.00

Tiger Ice-Breaker Break Tip--------------------$40.00

White Diamond Break Tip-----------------------$30.00

Samsara all Leather J/B Tip--------------------$40.00

Zento Break Tips ---------------------------------$50.00

PIKU Jump Break Tip----------------------------$50.00

TAOM Break jump tips---------------------------$50.00

(Predator 1st & 2nd Gen) Ivorine-4, OB
Aegis, Aegis-II, Saber-T, Juma Ivory color and Black ,
XTC, Black Linen-----------------------------------$40.00
All ferrules come with any $15.00 tip Clean-N-Seal

Ivory Ferrule, (Plus the price of the tip) ------$100.00

Phenolic G-10 Break Jump Tip Assembly----$40.00

Install a tip you supply-----------------------------$20.00

Wraps & Shaft Work
Irish Linen Wrap------------------------------------$40.00

Leather Wrap----------------------------------------$125.00

Exotic Leather Wrap-------------------------------$250.00

Cut Wrap Groove in Cue For Wrap------------$50.00

Shaft & Butt Repairs
Replace Collar on Shaft--------------------------$20.00 & UP

Replace Collar on Butt---------------------------$30.00 & UP

Replace Butt Cap----------------------------------$50.00 & UP

Clean & Seal Shaft---------------------------------$15.00

Dent Removal Clean & Seal---------------------$20.00

Taper Change Or Resize Shaft------------------$35.00

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